Launching Privacy-Preserving ML Projects

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About the webinar

Large language models (LLMs) such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT present incredible opportunities for businesses to increase their productivity, innovation, and competitiveness. But as companies race to leverage these powerful tools, user privacy must remain at the forefront of their efforts.

Whether you're actively involved in AI development or looking to integrate privacy measures into your existing projects, this session will offer valuable insights and practical guidance.

You'll learn: 

checkmark  The opportunities and challenges inherent in leveraging LLMs for your ML projects;

checkmark  Real-world insights into how companies are integrating generative AI into their business operations;

checkmark  Practical guidance and helpful tools for ensuring privacy while maintaining functionality and performance; and more! 



Joe Bradley
Chief Scientist, LivePerson


Mike Young
VP of Product, Private AI


Bryan Bell-Smith
Senior Engineer, Private AI

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