Cybersecurity in Government Webinar-2

Watch the recording of our webinar where John Hewie and Patricia Thaine discuss:

  • The current state of cybersecurity and privacy in the public sector.
  • The latest insights on Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023. 
  • Microsoft's approach to threat intelligence.
  • Key security trends affecting IT leaders.
  • The evolving data privacy landscape.
  • How to ensure trust in the generative AI era.

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Ebook: The Future of AI for Government

Download our ebook and learn more about:

  • Navigating the Future of AI: Responsibility, Regulation, and Generative AI Impact.
  • AI in Government: The fine balance between applying and regulating AI.
  • Generative AI Impact on Governments.
  • How to deploy AI solutions without disrupting workflow.
  • How to implement Ethical AI.

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